Brand-New Mart in excellent location
The NEW POC SUPERMART, on Street 178 between the Riverside and Street 19, is superbly situated opposite the National Museum and the Sala Rajana (University of Fine Arts).
With over 200 square metres of retail space on two floors, POC SUPERMART offers customers an enormous selection of food, drinks and household products.
Downstairs, the shelves are packed with an incredible range of food items, both ready to eat and drink, and for use in preparing and serving meals. As well as dried, canned and bottled goods, there are fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and also frozen food - including ice-cream!
Upstairs can be found an extensive variety of health, hygiene and beauty products, such as soap, shower gel and shampoo, as well as household goods for cooking, cleaning and storage: bowls, buckets, brushes and mops etc.
With its reasonable prices, special promotions and its huge selection of products, POC SUPERMART will become the ONE-STOP SHOP for local residents and tourists alike.
Opening soon!
POC - The Pride of Cambodia!

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Contact Us
Mr Tola
+85510 94 91 14
Street 178 (between Streets 19 and 13), just opposite the National Museum / School of Fine Arts (Sala Rajana).Phnom Penh, Cambodia OR See the Map